Rehab Khalil

Dr. Rehab Khalil

Postdoctoral Scholar

Doctorate, Biochemistry, Cairo University
MS, Biochemistry, Cairo Univeristy
Clinical Internship, Kasr El-Aini Hospital, Cairo University
MB BCh, Medicine and General Surgery, School of Medicine, Cairo University

Since 2003, Rehab has worked at the clinic and lab of the Children with Special Needs (CSN) Department at the National Research Center in Cairo. Her research focuses on the identification of genes contributing to autism through homozygous mapping and whole exome sequencing of inbred populations. Using these techniques, she discovered a novel mutation in the BCKDK gene (Branched Chain Ketoacid Dehydrogenase Kinase) in consanguineous families with autism, epilepsy, and intellectual disability (Novarino et al., 2012).

Rehab's current interest is to analyze whole-exome and whole-genome data to characterize the molecular, cellular, and circuit pathways of neurodevelopmental disorders, with an emphasis on autism.